Nhịp sinh học là gì?

Nhịp sinh học (tiếng Anh: biorhythm) là một chu trình giả thiết về tình trạng khỏe mạnh hay năng lực sinh lý, cảm xúc, hoặc trí thông minh. Một nghiên cứu ở Nhật Bản trên công ty giao thông Ohmi Railway cũng đã lập các biểu đồ sinh học cho các tài xế lái xe của công ty để họ có sự cảnh giác và phòng tránh. Kết quả tai nạn của các tài xế đã giảm 50% từ năm 1969 đến 1970 tại Tokyo.

Cách tính Nhịp sinh học

Do có chu trình đều và lặp lại, với mốc thời gian là ngày sinh, hoàn toàn dễ hiểu với các hàm số sau:

Với t là thời gian tính từ khi người đó được sinh ra.

Biorhythm chart tells your physical, emotional, intellectual, intuitive, aesthetic, awareness and spiritual values
Robbery and murder are the worst of human crimes; but in the West there are robbers and murderers. There are those who form cliques to vie for the reins of power and who, when deprived of that power, decry the injustice of it all. Even worse, international diplomacy is really based on the art of deception. Surveying the situation as a whole, all we can say is that there is a general prevalence of good over bad, but we can hardly call the situation perfect. When, several thousand years hence, the levels of knowledge and virtue of the peoples of the world will have made great progress (to the point of becoming utopian), the present condition of the nations of the West will surely seem a pitifully primitive stage. Seen in this light, civilization is an open-ended process. We cannot be satisfied with the present level of attainment of the West.

Fukuzawa Yukichi

How to use?

This is a Biorhythm Calculator. Type in your date of birth into the Date of birth field with the format YYYY-MM-DD (year-month-day), Full name is optional. Then click ► to know your physical, emotional, intellectual values. If you only care about Sleep Rhythm, you don't need to type in your Full name or Date of birth.

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Your current day is not good, take more care of yourself.

Your current health is bad, take more rest, you have worked out a lot, this time is for hibernation.

Your current mood is not good, you are easily annoyed. You should spend more time alone to calm your mood

Your current intellect is excellent, you can make great decisions, think logically and precisely.

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Do you know?

A biorhythm (from Greek βίος - bios, "life" and ῥυθμός - rhuthmos, "any regular recurring motion, rhythm") is an attempt to predict various aspects of a person's life through simple mathematical cycles. Most scientists believe that the idea has no more predictive power than chance and consider the concept an example of pseudoscience.

The three primary biorhythm cycles are:

Physical: This cycle is 23 days and tracks your strength, health, and raw physical vitality.

Emotional: This cycle is 28 days and tracks the stability and positive energy of your psyche and outlook on life, as well as your capacity to empathize with and build rapport with other people.

Intellectual: This cycle is 33 days and tracks your verbal, mathematical, symbolic, and creative abilities, as well as your capacity to apply reason and analysis to the world around you.

The four secondary biorhythm cycles are:

Intuitive: This cycle is 38 days and influences unconscious perception, hunches, instincts and 'sixth sense'.

Aesthetic: This cycle is 43 days and describes interest in the beautiful and the harmonious.

Awareness: This cycle is 48 days and expresses ability to perceive own personality and individuality.

Spiritual: This cycle is 53 days and describes inner stability and relaxed attitude.

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